A Medieval Architect in Florence: Neri di Fioravante

Frankly speaking I think that this ingenious architect is by far underestimated or at least has not attracted publishing houses to invest money on a book revealing how outstanding Neri di Fioravante has been for the Florentine skyline, given that he has constructed Ponte Vecchio after a devasting flood in 1333.

Since then it has perfectly stood all other serious troubles, the Loggia della Signoria on the homonymous Piazza, the spectacular Grain Market Hall, turned later into the most fascinating free-entry museum for Renaissance sculpture – Orsanmichele – and last but not least, the soaring dome of the Cathedral of Florence – Santa Maria del Fiore.

The Cathedral was obviously built by Filippo Brunelleschi, but planned again by our too little famous architect, who presented his final model for the vast dome in 1367.

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