The Most Horrible Work by Michelangelo in Florence!

Normally we hear: “This is the most beautiful work Michelangelo ever sculpted!” – cried out with a highly emphasizing voice.

But what about Michelangelo’s ugliest work?

Wonderful or Horrible ??

No problem, we also have an answer to this.

Watch the picture and comparing this rather naif profile, according to tradition chiseled by Michelangelo as well, on a corner of Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, with the marvellous replica of Michelangelo’s David on the Piazza della Signoria, we can only agree that this portrait must really be Michelangelo’s most horrible work.

The only detail which must be added is that Michelangelo was not quite seeing what he was chiseling, for he was holding hammer and chisel behind his back and sculpting while talking to this fellow!

Now I wonder if this is not then another miraculous work by Michelangelo…