The Main Virtue in Medieval and Renaissance Florence #2

Without patience also Michelangelo’s David would not exist!

Daniele da Volterra, Bronze Bust of Michelangelo at Bargello Museum on Florence

40 years before 26-year-old Michelangelo started its world famous David – visible in Florence at the Galleria della Accademia di Belle Arti – a less talented artist had made a bad start on that immense and precious block of Carrara marble, removing too much marble from a side and causing problems for the stability of the future statue if sculpted in the full size of the block of marble – 17 feet in height!

So what did Florentines decide to do?

Maybe cutting the huge block of marble into four, five smaller parts and get immediately something sculpted from them?

Oh no, not at all!

Again, they made use of Patience and as we know 40 years later Michelangelo showed up and proved that Patience is a sign of comprehension and consideration of the immense possibilities present in talented human beings: that is, in my view, one the most relevant aspects of Renaissance mentality.

No surprise Michelangelo once stated: “Genius means infinite… patience!”

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