The Main Virtue in Medieval and Renaissance Florence #1

Often when staring at the majestic dome of the Cathedral of Florence, I think of how patient people were in those times!

Neri di Fioravante had planned the size and shape to give to the dome of the Florentine Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore already in 1367, as we said in a previous entry, and he and all those living in Florence at that time knew exactly that no man on earth would be able to vault it…

But they also knew something: they knew that in Rome over a thousand years before architects had succeeded in building a 140 feet wide and tall dome, so they only needed patience… and then somebody – hopefully a native of Florence – would show up and have the dome constructed.

They patiently waited some 50 years and then Filippo Brunelleschi demonstrated the soundness of his ingenious ideas !

Statue of Filippo Brunelleschi on the Piazza del Duomo in Florence, staring with the gleam in his eyes at his dome.

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