This Christmas gives Florence to your friends

A few days ago Florencepass decided to enrich its website with a special feature: all our tours to discover Florence can now be given away, as well as normally bought!

Christmas is coming and the “Make a gift” of Florencepass is proving to be, shall we say, providential…

Il mercatino di Santa Croce a Firenze a Natale
The market of Santa Croce in Florence at Christmas – Picture of Nadia Fondelli

This Christmas, in fact many of our friends have told us that they are tired of buying lighters (smoking is bad), diaries (there are tablets), sweaters (the size is right? Then where were produced?)…

This Christmas we need something that does not hurt, does not pollute and give a positive boost to our economy, but at the same time is incredibly beautiful and sophisticated, and leave a lasting impression.

What’s better than Florence, then?

Giving a tour of Florencepass signifca just give a little piece of Florence, or even better means give someone Florence as an experience, to live, to understand and remember.

You’ll be spoiled for choice: a tour of the impregnable Vasari Corridor, either alone or with the Uffizi, a tour in the footsteps of Michelangelo, a visit to the Duomo complex, a walking tour around churches and squares less known ….

Now let’s see how to give a tour.

It’s easy: just go to the page of any of our tour of Florence and crush the red button “Make a gift” on the bottom on the right, below the calendar.

And then, once you press the button, the website will open a window with a form to fill out.

Enter the number of participants, the email of the recipient (it has to be written twice because we want to be sure that you typed correctly), the date of delivery of the gift and your message.

For example, you can write “This Christmas I decided to give you Florence” 🙂

Then click on “Buy Now” to pay safely with your credit card.

Remember that the recipient will have 3 months from the date of delivery to take advantage of the tour and will have to book it anyway 15 days before the chosen date.

Once you purchase the gift, you will receive the report of the purchase made to your email inbox.

The day of the “delivery date” chosen, the person to whom you made the gift will receive an email from Florencepass, with the tour that you chose and your message.

Good preparations for Christmas in our beautiful Florence or wherever you are!

Maurizio Tocchioni