Maurizio Tocchioni and Florencepass: our Story

“Hallo everybody and welcome to Florence! My name’s Maurizio Tocchioni and I work as a licensed tour-guide in Florence since 1982…”.

How many times I have started my speech like this and how many visitors I have accompanied to admire the beauties of Florence!

When I started – I was 21, the youngest of all licensed official tour-guides in Florence – I was one among 60 Florentine tour guides, and nowadays on the contrary one among a couple of thousands…

So the situation has greatly changed since then and that’s the reason why I started thinking about the opportunity of creating my own business certainly based still on the art of conducting tours through Florence and Tuscany, but more independently.

A couple of years ago I became an official Tour Operator based in Florence specialized in designing walking tours through all major Tuscan cities, such as Florence, Siena and Pisa.

Florencepass is the name of my company. I consider my company as a sort of a passport enabling a visitor of Tuscany to fully enjoy the wonders of this blessed land.

But one day – or better one night – I had a nightmare referring to my “dreamed” professional evolution…

The day after, I called Miss Chiara Crescioli on the phone and she reproduced in a drawing my terrible nightmare!

This is her drawing from my nightmare!!!

A Native Italian Guide in Flornce- NIghtmare
Professional Evolution Nightmare! – Drawing by Chiara Crescioli, Artist in Florence

P.S. Chiara Crescioli was born in Florence on May, 14th 1974 and studied at the Florentine Accademy of Fine Arts – right next door the Galleria dell’Accademia di Belle Arti, where Michelangelo’s David can be admired nowadays.

She is the co-founder of an Art Gallery called Associazione ARTEFICE and is a member of Studio d’Arte 70rosso in Florence, via de’ Serragli 70r.

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