A day at the court of the Medici family: Palazzo Vecchio, Vasari Corridor and Palatina Gallery.

A day at the court of the Medici family: Palazzo Vecchio, Vasari Corridor and Palatina Gallery.

On this tour you can visit both official residences the Medici family had in Florence during their rulership upon Tuscany. A memorable day at the court of the Medici exploring, in the company of our native and expert guide, the residences of Palazzo Vecchio (Old Palace) and the Pitti Palace, passing through the Vasari Corridor atop of the Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge).

This tour starts at 9.00am from Piazza della Signoria outside Caffè Rivoire heading to the Palazzo Vecchio, where Cosimo I de' Medici moved into in 1540 occupying the very building which for a couple of centuries had been the absolute symbol of the proud Florentine Republic. From that moment the palace changed its name into Ducal Palace and shortly later into Palazzo Vecchio when in 1560 Cosimo and his family moved once again into the Pitti Palace in the Oltrarno Neighborhood.

The Palazzo Vecchio is one of the most famous medieval civic buildings of Italy. Nowadays it is the seat of the city council but it also hosts splendid rooms rich of frescoes, statues and old paintings. The Salone dei Cinquecento (Hall of the Five Hundred) is the most celebrated site of the Palazzo Vecchio with its immense frescoes, statues and paintings on the ceiling. Another attraction is Dante's mask, more and more famous since the publication of Dan Brown's Inferno.

Our morning tour continues with the crossing of the exclusive Vasari Corridor, the private skywalk used by the ruling family to safely move through the city. Commissioned to Giorgio Vasari by Cosimo de' Medici in 1565 in order to link the Palazzo Vecchio with Palazzo Pitti. One hour to spend inside this most sought-after Florentine architectural jewel, enjoying splendid views onto the Arno River and the Ponte Vecchio and surrounded with about 600 artists' selfportraits from the 1500s to the 1900s. Andrea del Sarto, Tiziano, Paolo Veronese, Bernini, Rubens, Van Dyck, Joshua Reynolds, De Chirico, Chagall, Rauschenberg, Michelangelo Pistoletto. At the end of the Vasari Corridor you will also see the extraordinary Buontalenti's Grotto in the Boboli Gardens, the private park and hunting estate of the Medici family. Our morning tour ends at around 1.00pm at Piazza Pitti and after a lunch-break till 2.20pm (on your own - lunch is not included) you will continue with the visit to the magnificent Palatina Gallery on the noble floor of Palazzo Pitti, immersed in splendid rooms embellished with frescoes and stucco works from the Baroque Ages full of masterpieces like semi-precious stone mosaics, old pieces of furniture and remarkable paintings by Raffaello, Tiziano, Tintoretto, Andrea del Sarto, Caravaggio, Rubens, Suttermanns, Van Dyck just to mention a few.

Our tour will end at around 4.30pm inside the Palatina Gallery, where you can remain until closing time.

Children can participate to this tour only if 8+ yo - People with limited mobility or on wheelchairs cannot participate to this tour, sorry.

N.B. In the wintertime warm clothing and warm shoes are most advisable in the Vasari Corridor due the lack of heating.
Bring your cameras, pictures without the use of flash ARE allowed! Backpacks, big bags and big umbrellas are not allowed and must be dropped at the cloakroom.



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At the court of the Medici family.

Meeting point Piazza della Signoria outside Caffé Rivoire at junction with via Vacchereccia
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