The Medici's Neighborhood: San Lorenzo and the Medici Chapels

A very small group tour with max 6 people!

A complete visit to the impressive Florence San Lorenzo Complex and to the Medici Chapels, ending very close to the picturesque San Lorenzo Food Market… right at lunch time!


– Indepth explanation of San Lorenzo Basilica (exterior),

– Brunelleschi’s Cloister,

– Medici Palace exterior and, if accessible, Medici Palace Garden and inner courtyard,

– Medici Chapels (Chapel of the Princes and Michelangelo’s New Sacristy)

– professional fluent English speaking tour guide

– all the tickets and reservation fees included.

More about your Florence San Lorenzo Complex Tour

The San Lorenzo Complex was the site chosen by the Medici Family as church and burial place.

The San Lorenzo Basilica was the first Cathedral of Florence, before the Duomo was built.

The church was in a state of neglect at the beginning of the fifteenth century, when Filippo Brunelleschi started its reconstruction according to the wishes of Giovanni de’ Bicci, who was then buried in the Old Sacristy.

Here Brunelleschi and Donatello revealed to the world their artistic vision, known nowadays as Early Renaissance style.

One century later Michelangelo was involved in the works at San Lorenzo, building the Laurentian Library and the astonishing New Sacristy.

Michelangelo fused architecture and sculpture creating an amazing space, full of masterpieces, including the famous four Parts of the Day.

Later on, at the beginning of the seventeenth century, a new and gigantic building was begun: the Medici Chapels, with the Chapel of the Princes.

It was decorated with rich inlays made with the technique of Florentine mosaic, creating a dazzling play of color, almost magical.

After this superb visit to the San Lorenzo Complex in Florence’s Medici neighborhood, your guide will show you theentrance of San Lorenzo Food Market, where you can browse all different sorts of meat, fish, cheeses, vegetables, fruits, hams and salami, and of course the true Florentine speciality: the lampredotto.

Enjoy a lunch there at one of the typical stalls!

Please contact us at info@florencepass for any further information.

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Start: Piazza di San Lorenzo at top of the stairs by the main entrance of the San Lorenzo Basilica

Finish: Mercato Centrale di Firenze


  • 09:30-11:30
    Tour Lenght: 2 hours


Adults: (età 18-99): € 59,00

Child: (età 6-17): € 29,50


Always small groups

Best quality

Unbeatable prices


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